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Is there a weight limit for Scope wheels?

Scope wheels have been thoroughly tested in all areas of road cycling. With field-testing on different terrains and lab tests for brake performance, the maximum rider weight for all Scope Rim Brake wheels has been defined at a point of 95 kg. No weight limit applies to all Scope disc brake wheels.

Why are Scope wheels build with exposed nipples?

Due to the unique shape of our rim, external nipples have the same amount of drag as internal nipples at all wind angles. This allows us to keep the nipples external for ease of wheel maintenance without compromising on aerodynamics.

Are Scope wheels 11spd compatible?

Yes. All Scope wheels are compatible with 11spd derailleurs. In addition, all Scope wheels are also compatible with 9spd and 10spd derailleurs, using a spacer ring that comes with the wheels.

Does Scope offer campagnolo compatible freehubs?

Yes. Scope offers 9spd, 10spd, and 11spd compatible freehubs for all available wheelsets.

Can I also use other than the Scope brake pads on my Scope wheels?

No, you can’t. Scope brake pads are developed in combination with the brake surface of our carbon rims, thus making them the ideal brake pads for Scope wheels.

The Scope brake pads will ensure maximum braking power and heat resistance under extreme conditions. By not using Scope brake pads when running Scope wheels you’ll void the warranty of the wheels.

In addition, it’s recommended to keep the brake pads used for alloy rims separate from the ones used on carbon rims to avoid alloy splinters. Alloy splinters can scratch the carbon and may likely damage the fibers of your Scope wheel(s).

Can I use the Scope rim brake wheels in the mountains and long descents?

Yes, you can safely use Scopes rim brakes during a long descent in the mountains. At Scope, we’ve developed our own test setup with which we test all our wheels to make sure that their braking behaviour is best in class.

Does Scope make its own hubs?

Yes, Scope makes its own hubs. Every single detail of our wheels is developed in-house from our headquarters in The Netherlands. If you want to learn more about our development, you can always have a look on our dedicated page.

How do I choose the correct tire width?

The tire width highly depends on user preference and conditions. In general we recommend a tire width of 25mm for optimal aerodynamics, rolling resistance and comfort.

Check the overview on this page for recommended tire width.

What is the difference between the Sport Series and Race Series?

The Race series benefit from our newest technology, while our Sport series benefit from proven generation carbon wheels. Wheels are more lightweight due to the lighter hub system and spokes. The hub features our diamond hardened ratchet system for direct engagement, improved durability and a significant reduction in weight. Besides that, the Race Series provide better aerodynamic performance and rolling resistance due to the AEA shaped wider rims in comparison to our Sport Series. All of this will be offered for € 1498, – per set.
The Sports series benefit from proven technologies from our previous generation carbon wheels and are brought to you with a very competitive price of € 998, – per set.

Both series are hand-built and meet the same high-quality standards. All Scope wheels are in-house developed in The Netherlands.

I have a problem with my wheels and want to apply for warranty, what should I do?

At Scope, we offer you a 3-year warranty on Scope products purchased at Scope or an official Scope dealer. Make sure to registrate your wheels within 30 days of purchase to activate your warranty. For more information, please have a look at our warranty page.

Does Scope offer maintenance and servicing of my wheels?

Yes, we have a service request process at Scope. This means that in case your wheels need maintenance you can simply fill in our service request form and you’ll receive personalized shipping instructions via email. All details you need to know can be found here.

I crashed; can you fix my wheel(s)?

First of all; hopefully you’re all ok after the crash! Second of all; yes, of course we can help you with your wheels.

We have a Crash Replacement Program at Scope Cycling. This means that in addition to your three-year warranty, Scope provides you with a lifetime crash replacement for all available products. For any crash replacement the price will be € 450, – per wheel incl. VAT. Please fill in all required information via our crash replacement form. We will contact you afterwards and let you know how to proceed from there.

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