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Scope Cycling

We are a team of Dutch engineers and designers, but above all, we are passionate cyclists. By combining innovation and passion, it’s our goal to provide you with the best possible riding experience.

It has become our obsession to continuously improve our products and without any compromise. We are looking for the perfect balance between aerodynamics, lightness, stiffness, and durability. We puzzle, we try, we fail, and do it all over again until we succeed in improving our products.

We’re unlike any other wheel company in the market. We are Scope Cycling!


Nieck Busser


“Since the very beginning of Scope, we stay best-in-class by continuously investing our efforts in the performance, quality, and design of our products.”

In 2013, Nieck founded Scope together with Rik. He grew up on the roads and trails of the Eindhoven area. A promising talent on the MTB, he was part of the Dutch National team and has raced at World Cup level for several years. He later switched his focus towards road cycling, before finishing his active racing career. Today he can be found on his favorite roads of his home area on a regular basis.

Favorite Bike: Festka One Road with Scope

Rik Kusters


“Based on our own unique set of design principles, we established our own view on the way we develop our wheels.”

Rik founded Scope together with Nieck in 2013. He started riding mountain bikes in his late teens. Growing up in the countryside between Eindhoven and Nijmegen, he had plenty of trails on hand to progress. An avid racer, he also spent time on the road and track. Rik now calls the local trails his home turf on which he enjoys to hunt a Strava KOM from time to time.

Favorite Bike: Scott Spark RC with Scope

No Excuse.

When speaking about Scope, we speak about quality, innovation, and passion. With support from various knowledge institutes, we do have access to an immense amount of scientific knowledge. However, the main advantage in technology is curiosity, and that’s what’s in our DNA.

Winners have a plan, losers an excuse.

Scope Cycling, no excuse.