A short documentary to celebrate cycling
Why I'm into cycling

Why I’m Into Cycling - a short documentary to celebrate cycling

At Scope, we’re always looking for inspiring anecdotes coming from the cycling industry, it helps us to remind ourselves why we do what we do. We develop and sell high performance handbuilt carbon wheels, but above all, we’re passionate about cycling.

We’ve seen that cycling can be more than just a hobby for many. It’s often an integral part of people’s daily lives, whether for commuting, exercise, leisure, or their profession. By exploring diverse stories of people who are into cycling and their connections to this activity, we aim to highlight the often under-appreciated merits of cycling and provide a deeper understanding of the sport itself.

We’ve created a series of short documentaries, to celebrate cycling and find out what, how and why someone’s into cycling.

Why I'm Into Cycling - Max von Senger

Standert bicycles

Our first episode of Why I’m Into Cycling brings us to the founder and CEO of Standert Bicycles, Max von Senger und Etterlin. Standert is well known for its frames out of steel and aluminum, designed by Max himself. We’re curious to find out why Max’s is into cycling.

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