Saitama Dreve

The foundations for this young Japanese team might only have been laid late last year. The goals, however, are clear. In its first season, the team wants to prove itself on the Japanese circuit.

In total, 10 riders will sport the team’s colors and will wear the Scope logo with pride on their chests when taking on their competition. The team will race the complete line-up of Scope’s R-series. To match the iconic Bianchi Oltre team bikes, Saitama DreVe will race their R3, R4, and R5 wheelsets with custom decals in the Italian Celeste colorway.

Picture: ©Makoto.AYANO/

“Even though Scope is relatively new in the industry with great references at the highest level in sports it’s proven to be one of the best options in today’s carbon wheel market. We are proud to found an innovative and ambitious partner in Scope. No Excuse.”


Y. Hirose, Team Manager