Mads Frank

Danish ultra cyclist Mads Frank is one of the youngest athletes of his metier but has, nevertheless, already left his mark on the scene.

In 2018, he won the Mt. Ventoux Triple, an ultra race that covers all three ascents of this iconic mountain. He set a new record, finishing the 140km race in 5h32. In 2019 he managed to win his age group at the 24h Ultra Distance World Championships.

Besides competing at a variety of European ultra cycling events, Mads founded the Frank Institute of Sports where he works as a coach and bikefitter, thus sharing his knowledge with enthusiastic cyclists and triathletes.

Mads trains and races on Scope R4d and R5d wheels.

“Scope really understands the need for ‘system-thinking’ by combining the very best parts into a series of high performance wheels. I’m proud of testing and racing on their wheels in the world of ultra cycling.”

Mads Frank, Ultra Cyclist