Low Factory Racing

Hailing from San Francisco, the Low Factory Racing outfit is a stalwart of the US crit scene. The team serves as a test team for the bespoke frame building icon Low Bicycles, putting their frames through their paces on any kind.

The team is an eclectic group of riders contrived from local industry leaders and other longstanding members of the cycling scene in Northern California and Nevada, in particular.  Besides proving their mettle at fast and technical crits, some of the members can also frequently be found at alley cat and track events. Known for their distinctive style, Low Factory Racing is our ear at the scene on the other side of the pond. Most of the riders prefer to race on the Scope R5c, due to its stiffness and overall performance.

“The Scope R5c’s wind up and hold their speed like no other. The only thing that’s better than fast wheels is fast braking, and these wheels simply outperform the competition with their superior stopping power!”

Eddy Bach, Team Rider