LOW Bicycles

LOW Bicycles

Low Bicycles’ designs reflect a passion for the sport, the craft, and the culture. Based in San Francisco, the brand is at ground-zero of one of the most vibrant cycling communities in the world. Its mission is to honor the craft by staying local and maintaining a high degree of in-house design and production.

Low takes pride in the quality and precision of their work, each frame is handmade in-house, in small batch production runs.

Low is a small-scale manufacturer of some of the finest hand-crafted aluminum bicycle frames out there. The brand builds bicycles that are desirable not simply because they are handmade in the U.S.A., but because they are well built, fast, beautiful, and above all else, capable of performing at the highest levels.

Constantly striving to improve their bikes by growing and evolving with the cycling community that supports them, Low invests countless hours in designing, testing, and most importantly, racing their frames in the real world. Through this process, they are irrevocably elevating cyclists’ perceptions of what a high-quality aluminum bicycle can be.


In own words

“We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We build race bikes. Our frames are built to go fast and be tough. Our geometries remain true to, and are intended for competitive racing; with aggressive profiles, responsive handling, and overall strength and stiffness.”

Andrew Low, Founder of Low Bicycles