Heroïn bikes

Heroïn Bikes

Boulogne billancourt, France

Heroïn Bikes are a special brand. They design and assemble their lightweight one-of-its-kind framesets in France, from parts manufactured in Italy by craftsmen of exceptional know-how and an unmatched mastery of carbon. Driven by the passion for innovation, French luxury brand Heroin was created out of a quest for absolute perfection. Heroïn Bikes’ experienced technicians have backgrounds in aeronautics and motorsports.

Each frame component is made separately, molded from Torayca M46J high modulus carbon fiber. Each frame tube is calibrated, adjusted to the owner’s size and assembled through a process that has remained a secret for nearly 30 years, to produce an ultra-light carbon frame. Its singular manufacturing technique combining tube-to-tube assembly with monocoque parts explains its excellent weightstiffness ratio.





“Heroïn Bikes is a French luxury brand that was created out of the quest for absolute perfection. We combine raw materials and natural lines to craft a unique, perfect bicycle.”

Rémi Chenu, Chief Technology Officer for Heroïn Bikes