Prague, Czech Republic

Founded in 2010, Festka has become a household name in the bespoke cycling scene. The brand controls every step of the manufacturing process, something it has built its reputation on. Festka has gained valuable experience in building titanium and carbon frames over the years and are known for their robotic weaving of carbon tubes. In that way, the brand heads in the same direction as the aircraft industry.

Over the years that Festka spent creating and manufacturing bicycles, the brand concluded that building bicycles can be a detailed, scientific process, something it takes pride in.


In own words

“Over the years we have spent creating and manufacturing bicycles, we have arrived at a conclusion that building a bicycle is not a rocket science – the manufacture of the frame consists of only a few steps. But it is in these steps that one can get on the rocket-science level.”

Ondřej Novotný & Michael Moureček, Founders of Festka