Colonia Kids

Team Colonia Kids might be a new team, but the 8 riders that make up the roster have already made a name of themselves at various crit races in Europe and North America.

The team’s mix of strong powerhouses and fast finishers will see the team leaving its mark at races like the Tour of America’s Dairyland. And Team Colonia Kids will do so in style. Racing the iconic Standard Kreissäge with tubeless-ready custom R5D disc brake wheels will give them the competitive edge when it counts.

“We are absolutely delighted to partner up with Scope for the 2020 season. To be successful in crit races one needs stiff and aerodynamic wheels, and the R5D are exactly are simply checking all boxes. We’re happy to have a partner on board that provides us with the best wheels we could dream of.”

Lennart Klein, Rider