Tire pressure control system
Scope Atmoz

The ongoing search to improve the riding experience is within Scope’s DNA. With the ongoing battle for marginal gains, we challenged ourselves to come with a significant gain instead.

Improve your riding experience

For years tire dimensions, pressure, and performance have been an integral part of the development of our high-performance carbon wheels. As a result, our team has gained significant knowledge in this field and the idea was born to further integrate the tire in our system approach.

Developed in The Netherlands

After years of in-house research, development, and testing, we succeeded to develop a product which is free of resistance, lightweight, reliable, compatible with all 29” wheelsets and tubeless tires, and most important UCI approved.

During the development process, UCI world tour Team DSM has brought substantial knowledge and experience into the project when it comes to race application of the system and riders’ ergonomics.
We are excited to introduce one of the most significant innovations of modern cycling and disturb the status quo.

The categories – Unlimited roads

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