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The new Sport Series offers a range of hand-built carbon wheelsets.







Sport Series versus Race Series

What are the differences between the Sport Series wheels and the Race Series wheels?

About the Technologies

  • The Race series feature our newest technologies, including our Diamond ratchet hub-set, and AEA optimized wider rims (28/30 mm – external width)
  • The Sport series carries the proven technologies from the previous generation of Scope wheels, featuring the already existing 26 mm wide tubeless rim and our 3-pawl hub set
  • Both series make use of the Scope tubeless system, the Local Reinforcement carbon lay-up and custom SKF bearings.


About the Spokes

  • The Race series make use of our top-of-the-line Sapim CX-Ray / Sprint Aero spokes.
  • The Sport series are built with the Sapim CX Leader Aero spokes.


Sport versus Race

To recap, the Race Series wheels are more lightweight due to the lighter hub system and spokes. Besides that, the Race Series provide better aerodynamic performance and rolling resistance due the AEA shaped wider rims. Same as the Race Series, the Sport Series wheels are hand-built and meet the same high-quality standards. Like all Scope wheels, the Sport Series is developed in The Netherlands, with a focus on the perfect balance between aerodynamics, stiffness, and durability.

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