Tested against the highest industry standards.

Testing is an important and extensive part of our development process to make sure that we combine unparalleled performance  with durability and safety.

Drum test

With a drum test we evaluate the durability and performance of our wheels under stress and fatigue.

During a drum test, the wheel is put on a rotating drum with obstacles and subjected to repeated cycles of vertical movements and under various angles. This simulates the forces experienced during riding, including impacts, vibrations, and overall wear and tear.

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Spoke pull-out test

With a spoke pull out test we replicate the behavior of what our carbon and steel spokes face in a wheel.

High spoke quality and durability are ensured by testing the mechanical properties of the spoke, using static tensile and fatigue test methods.

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Lateral stiffness test

We measure the lateral stiffness of our wheels to guarantee proper handling, responsiveness, and overall efficiency of your bike.

The lateral stiffness of our wheels is measured by applying a lateral force to the wheel and then measuring the resulting deflection.

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Brake test

With a (disc) brake test we replicate extreme braking and acceleration to verify the torsional wheel strength as well as the durability.

Different test set-ups are used where the wheel is either attached to a drum or driven by a chain and chainring while brake and drive torques are applied.

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Field testing

We perform real world testing with our pro athletes to evaluate the real-world performance, durability, and reliability of our wheels in diverse riding conditions.

Field testing is essential to ensure that our wheels deliver the expected performance, durability, and reliability in real riding conditions. It helps to validate lab testing, gather user feedback, and inform ongoing product development.

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Rolling resistance

We perform rolling resistance tests to guarantee our wheels provide the perfect baseline for optimum tire performance for different tires, sizes and tire pressures.

Rolling resistance is a significant factor in determining the overall efficiency and speed of your bike, mainly influenced by tire choice, pressure, and size.

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