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Driven by ambition and an obsession for performance, we develop the best wheels on the market and provide the ultimate riding experience.

Each single detail of our wheels is developed in-house from our headquarters in The Netherlands. To challenge ourselves and to be up-to-date with the newest materials and technologies, we team-up with industry leading and scientific development partners.

University of Technology Eindhoven || University of Technology Delft || Schwalbe || SKF || DSM

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Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics

The shape of the Artech rims is defined by the Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics (AEA) technology. This algorithm optimizes the most aerodynamic rim-profile guaranteeing optimal aerodynamic performance.

The initial AEA algorithm, developed in 2017 in collaboration with the University of Technology Delft (aerospace engineering), was 2D-based and included the interaction effect of the rim and tire in the optimization. To redefine the benchmark of aerodynamics, Scope evolved their algorithm by making it 3D-based including the complete bike with components into the optimization.

Surface structure Aerodynamics

After the optimum rim profiles were defined, Scope studied the world of surface structures. During this research, they learned about fish scales reducing the aerodynamic drag, derived from nature, and recently successfully applied and tested in the aerospace industry.

Fish scales help to reduce drag as the fish moves through the water. The shape and arrangement of scales contribute to the fish’s ability to streamline its body and move efficiently through the water.

In case of a smooth rim surface the laminar airflow becomes unstable over time. This effect is referred to as the Tollmien–Schlichting wave. The patent pending Aeroscales generate velocity streaks traveling at different speed over our rim surface. These velocity streaks have a stabilizing effect on the airflow thereby reducing drag.

To investigate the effect of the Aeroscales, Scope created 3D printed prototypes of the Artech rims including and excluding the Aeroscales. The rim with Aeroscales showed a significant reduction in drag above and below 10 degrees yaw angle as can be seen in below drag curve.

The Aeroscales significantly reduce drag above and below 10 degrees yaw angle. Measured in the Silverstone Sport Engineering wind tunnel in the UK (June 2023).

Aerodynamics: Drag benchmark

Artech defines a new approach on aerodynamics resulting in the fastest most side-wind stable wheels on the market, validated in three different wind-tunnels (GST in Germany, Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub in the UK and the A2 in the USA), against different test protocols, and tested by independent experts.

The graph shows the average power required to ride 45 km/h according to the Tour magazine protocol (wheels incl. bike) Measured in the GST wind tunnel in Friedrichshafen Germany (July 2023).

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Lightweight 3D printed

Topology optimization is a mathematical algorithm that optimizes the shape of the hub shell based on a set of load cases and a given design space. The algorithm finds the most lightweight design while ensuring the required strength. Interestingly, the topology optimization results in a bone like structure again showing the power of nature. 3D printing technology unlocks the potential of topology optimization, resulting in an extreme strong and lightweight hub design. The Artech hub shells are 3D printed in Germany from Scalmalloy material, a high-performance alloy material applied in industries like Aerospace and Formula One.

Lightweight and durable

The optimized design of the Diamond Ratchet system provides a reduction of peak tensions on the ratchet teeth. Combined with a Diamond Like Carbon coating, this allowed Scope to apply a more lightweight Titanium material, resulting in a weight reduction compared to the steel Diamond Ratchets from Scope’s Race Series.

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Ultra-light and Aerodynamic

The Carbonlite Aerospokes are made from lightweight UD carbon material. This allowed Scope to optimize the aerodynamic shape to reduce aerodynamic drag, without creating a weight penalty. The Carbonlite Aerospokes have internal nipples applied in a 2:1 spoke pattern resulting in equal spoke tension while the wide flange distance ensures a high lateral stiffness for efficiency when accelerating and climbing. The carbon spokes are held mechanically which makes them replaceable and allows easy maintenance in every workshop.

Lightweight design

In cooperation with the University of Technology Delft (NL), Scope optimized the carbon lay-up of their rims for weight, strength, and stiffness. This unique carbon lay-up is characterized by the innovative Local Reinforcement Technology. Instead of reinforcing the entire spoke hole section on the inside of the rim, Scope locally strengthened the rim around the spoke hole itself. This significantly reduces weight of their rims while ensuring strength and stiffness.

Lightweight: Weight benchmark

The importance of lightweight wheels can’t be underestimated, it affects your riding experience in many ways. So far no one in the cycling industry has been able to achieve a real lightweight wheelset combined with best-in-class Aerodynamics.

The combination of Aero and Lightweight makes the Artech really stand out from its competition. With the Artech, Scope makes it possible to ride a Tour de France climbing stage on an Aero wheelset, and with that bring a revolution to the cycling industry.

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Perfect tire-fit

To find the perfect balance between aerodynamics, rolling resistance and safety the tire is included at an early stage in our development process.

Since Scope believes a hooked tire bed is important to guarantee the usage of all clincher and tubeless tires, all Scope Artech Road, All-Road and Triathlon wheel do have a hooked tire bed. Only the Artech Gravel wheelset developed for dedicated off-road tires comes with a hookless rim-profile.

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