J.Guillem Numansdorp, The Netherlands

Numansdorp, The Netherlands

It was Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas’ passion for riding that eventually led to him designing bicycles. Starting from scratch in his garage, he began turning his passion into reality; developing J.Guillem into a universally respected brand.

In time, Jan left the company and moved with his family from the Netherlands to Mallorca. For its scenery, culture and beautiful climate. But also because of its stunningly smooth, undulating roads so suited to cycling. After thousands of kilometers riding solo as well as with new-found friends, Jan’s passion for designing bikes once more consumed him.

Jan designs for riders, like him, who want to search and share deeper experiences. This time it is truly personal. A fact reflected in the name of the company. The name by which the Mallorcans know Jan: J.Guillem.


“J.Guillem is a way, not simply a bike. It is living a dream. Each day, every day. A life-long love affair with the open road. We only work with partners with that share our passion and perfection. And an unrivaled understanding of the unique qualities of a bike.”

Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas, Founder of J.Guillem