September 2023
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Carbon wheels vs. Aluminum wheels - which is best for your bike?

Which wheel is best for your bike?

Are you looking for an upgrade of your current bike set up or are you looking for a new bike and in doubt what kind of wheels you should choose? As wheels are super important for the overall performance of you and your bike, you might want to do some research into the difference of carbon wheels in comparison to aluminum wheels

We’re here to help! To upgrade your bike, switching from aluminum wheels to carbon wheels is the first step. Wheels directly influence your driving performance, so they have a lot of influence on your speed, but also on being comfortable on the bike. Besides that, they can also just make your bike look really awesome.

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About carbon wheels

The use of carbon is one of the greatest improvements in cycling technology. Carbon is extremely light but also very strong, making it the ideal material for building bicycle wheels. Let’s start with a technical bit first, so we can explain what carbon exactly is:

The term carbon refers to carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The process of turning carbon into a carbon wheel starts with long thin carbon fibers laid in different directions, weaving them into thin sheets. These thin sheets are then impregnated with epoxy resin, which keeps the fibers in place. After this, the sheets can be cut to size and laid in a certain shape using a mold. These molds are then heated in an oven. The temperature and heating time are precisely controlled. This process ensures that the sheets of carbon are combined into one whole and thus hardened into wheels. When the wheels come out of the oven, they are ready.

Advantages of carbon wheels vs aluminum

One of the advantages you’ll immediately notice when you switch from aluminum wheels to carbon wheels is weight. Weight is a very important factor in improving your riding performance and so it’s something you should pay attention to when upgrading your bike and wheels. For example, you benefit greatly from lighter wheels when you climb in the mountains, but also when you start and accelerate after taking a turn.

Because the material is so much lighter, it’s possible to use more material without going up in weight. For example, you can have wheels with higher rims, which are still very light in weight, but a lot more aero than wheels with lower rims. This means you don’t have to compromise on weight to still have super aerodynamic wheels. In addition, in our opinion higher rims also help with upgrading the looks of your bike, a set of carbon wheels makes every bike look better!

Besides weight, carbon also has a major influence on the stiffness of the wheel. Carbon is a lot stiffer than aluminum, which ensures that the energy you put into it by pedaling is converted into a forward movement, so that you do don’t lose any energy to lateral movements, the so-called bending of your wheel.

An upgrade to stiffer wheels allows faster acceleration out of a turn and more precise steering. You hold your lines much tighter through turns and bumps. You will notice that you waste less energy on the bike and experience more stability and control.

It's time for an upgrade

To summarise above story: replacing your aluminum wheels for carbon wheels is the best option for to upgrade your bike.

Carbon wheels are lighter and can therefore be more aerodynamic with higher rims than your current aluminum wheels. This means that you can cycle faster. In addition, the unique properties of carbon wheels ensure better handling and more comfort. In addition to all these benefits, carbon wheels simply make your bike look much better. It gives your bike an upgrade in looks, performance and comfort!

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