September 2023
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Carbon wheels speed increase: How it benefits cyclists

Increase your speed with carbon wheels

We can all agree that speed is very important for cyclists. It doesn’t matter if it’s for achieving a personal best on your weekly ride with friends, or if you want to ride records in races; speed is top priority. Carbon wheels can help you with increasing your overall speed.


Carbon wheels are made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer resulting in a lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic wheelset. The primary advantage of carbon is their ability to increase bike speed, making them a worthwhile investment for any serious cyclist. For more detailed information regarding carbon, please read our carbon vs aluminum wheels blog post.

Exploring the effects of carbon wheels on speed increase

The term carbon refers to carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The process of turning carbon into a carbon wheel starts with long thin carbon fibers laid in different directions, weaving them into thin sheets. These thin sheets are then impregnated with epoxy resin, which keeps the fibers in place, creating a wheel that is incredibly strong yet also incredibly light.

This weight difference when compared to traditional wheel materials like steel or aluminum can have a drastic impact on the overall speed of your race bike. A lighter wheel requires less effort from the rider to spin, meaning you can achieve higher speeds with less effort. This is especially beneficial during high speed downhill runs or tight turns on a track where every gram counts.

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Another way carbon wheels increase bike speed is through improved aerodynamics. Because the material is so much lighter, it is possible to use more material without going up in weight. For example, you can have wheels with higher rims, which are still very light in weight, but a lot more aero than wheels with lower rims. This means you don’t have to compromise on weight to still have super aerodynamic wheels.

Carbon wheels are a lot stiffer than aluminum, which ensures that the energy you put into it by pedaling is converted into a forward movement, so you don’t lose any energy to lateral movements, the so-called ‘bending’ of your wheel. An upgrade to stiffer wheels allows faster acceleration out of a turn and more precise steering. You hold your lines much tighter through turns and bumps. You will notice that you waste less energy on the bike and experience more stability and control.

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Worth the investment

In summary, carbon wheels are a worthwhile investment for any cyclist looking to increase their speed. With reduced weight, improved aerodynamics, and better stiffness and responsiveness, these wheels offer significant advantages over traditional alloy wheels. If you’re serious about improving your performance, consider investing in a quality set of carbon wheels for your bike.