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The most frequently asked questions

Is there a weight limit for Scope Cycling wheels?

The Scope Cycling wheels have been thoroughly tested in all areas of road cycling. With field-testing on different terrains and lab tests for brake performance, the maximum rider weight for all Scope Cycling wheels has been defined on 95 kg.

Why are Scope Cycling wheels build with exposed nipples?

Due to the unique shape of our rim, external nipples have the same amount of drag as internal nipples at all wind angles. This allows us to keep the nipples external for ease of wheel maintenance without concessions on aerodynamics.

Are the wheels of Scope Cycling 11 speed compatible?

Yes, all wheels of Scope Cycling have been developed from an 11 speed compatibility approach. However, the wheels of Scope Cycling are also 9 and 10 speed backwards compatible.

Does Scope Cycling offer Campagnolo compatible free hubs?

Yes, for all wheel sets Scope offers Campagnolo 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible free hubs.

Can I also use other than the Scope Cycling brake pads on my Scope Cycling wheels?

No, you can't. The brake pads supplied with the Scope Cycling wheels are specially develop in combination with our carbon rims. The Scope Cycling brake pads will ensure maximum braking power and heat resistance under extreme conditions. Not using the recommended Scope Cycling brake pads will void the Scope Cycling warranty of the wheels.

In addition, it’s recommended to keep the brake pads used for alloy rims separate from the ones used on carbon rims to avoid alloy splinters which scratch the carbon and possibly may damage the fibers.

How do I choose the correct tire width?

The tire width highly depends on user preference and conditions. In general we recommend a 25mm width tire for optimal aerodynamics, roll resistance and comfort.