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Richard Cycle Portuguese distributor Scope Cycling

We proudly announces its distribution partnership with Richard Cycle for the Portuguese market. Richard Cycle is the Portuguese distributor of among others; Festka, Sarto, Alchemy, and JGuillem.

Ricardo Costa, owner of Richard Cycle says about the partnership: “We decided to add Scope to our portfolio, mainly because of the great appearance and quality of their products. This, combined with the competitive price level makes them a real game changer in the world of high-end carbon wheels. We just want to work with quality products and Scope ticks all boxes right, without the need to “rob a bank”.

Nieck Busser, co-founder of Scope Cycling states about the partnership: “With brands like Festka, Sarto, Alchemy, and JGuillem, Ricardo proofed to have an eye for special and upcoming brands. This combined with his passion and distribution network across Portugal, makes Richard Cycle the perfect partner to distribute our products into the Portuguese market.